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Best Earthquake Survival Tips

Earthquakes are one of nature’s most unpredictable calamities and truly raid havoc when they strike. The earth is filled with fault lines, active and otherwise. Areas located on or around these fault lines usually face most amount of seismic activity. When earthquakes strike, people find themselves completely disoriented and confused. This is a normal reaction. [...]

Surviving Through Wilderness

People choose to go into the wild forests to enjoy the beauty of the nature and have an adventurous camping. But such an adventure can be risky if you are not prepared for wilderness survival. You never know when an emergency comes your way, so must keep yourselves prepared for any kind of emergency situation. [...]

Stuck In Cold Water

On the April of 1912 Titanic, Largest ship afloat left for its maiden journey across Atlantic to its destination US. Titanic was considered unsinkable due to it’s construction and so it carried life boats which could carry only half of its passenger population. Few days later Titanic hit the iceberg and within few hours the [...]

Survival Mode: Clothing Guidelines

In today’s time, people are very much concerned about fashion. Their wardrobe will change with the changing fashion. But when we talk about survival clothing, the main purpose is safety of an individual. Here, fashion comes at last, as the prime importance is given to the safety and security of life. It may happen that [...]

A Handy Guide For Your Survival

According to the Mayan calendar this world is going to end in 2012, the last date is December 21st, 2012. A lot of other people are also anticipating a traumatized end of this world that would change everything and the existence of human beings will be in books only. Whether or not these predictions are [...]

Tips To Help You Survive At The Worst Scenario

Looking at the current scenario of the world, any individual can presume the upcoming dangerous natural phenomenon and disasters. Tsunami, Earthquake and Volcanoes have become very common. Because of this, the people are finding a need to be prepared for the worst! Below mentioned are some tips that can save your life even when worst [...]

Miraculous Struggle Through A Snow Storm

Daryl Jane set out to watch an overnight sky-watching event on 18th November 2007. He lived on Bainbridge Island, Washington and left home to attend the event to be held 180 miles to the Southeast of Trout Lake. After the event Daryl Jane wanted to come back immediately to watch the Seattle Seahawks game the [...]

Dangers Of Snow Shoveling

Activities like snow shoveling are very popular during the winters in snow lands. Participant’s safety should not be overlooked. Though it is more of a winter activity but snow shoveling can either be taken as a sport or as an essential activity. It becomes an important activity when weather or a festival needs require it [...]

Acquire Earthquake Skills To Minimize Risks

Human life is precious and knowledge on earthquake skills can help you and your family survive during the disaster. People get hit and injured badly by falling objects when they enter or exit buildings during earthquakes. It is better to therefore stay inside the building till the shaking stops. Make sure the exit is safe [...]

4 Essential Tools For Survival

Tragedy never comes announced so one should always be prepared for the worst. Even a night camp at a known spot can lead to life threatening experience. What helps in such scenario is the skill of survival. Four elements essential for survival are the knowledge of the place you are visiting, taking calculated risk, luck [...]

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