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Redundancy In Outdoor Survival

Camping and trekking is the way of getting close to mother nature and getting a feel of what she has to offer us. Normally these activities are to lighten our minds from the stress we receive in day to day life. But lack of preparation in choosing the correct and important items in correct number [...]

Medical First Aid Kit: Survival Equipment And Its Significance

For safety purpose, it is vital to have a safety kit with you which can give you primary aid in case of emergency situations. Especially, when you are working in a factory, where production processes are carried out, it should be made sure that the area is secluded with safety and survival equipments. One such [...]

Heirloom Seeds: Ultimate Survival Supply

Heirloom seeds should be one of your early stops for survival supplies, even if you can’t create a garden. If you can grow at least a window garden or box garden then heirloom seeds become that much more important. Here are some reasons why you should be investing in heirloom seeds. Renewable Resource Most greenhouse [...]

Basics Of Building Shelter For Survival

It is a challenging task to build up a shelter in the forest or a mountain that gives you comfort and at the same time protects you from unpredictable weather. Though, every season has got something different to offer there are still certain basic techniques that you can use will constructing your shelter outdoors. It [...]

Don’t Forget Survival Equipment While Hunting

Hunting is most sought after activity amongst people who are adventure lovers. Along with hunting it could be a relaxation in the lap of nature. People often search websites for hunting tours and excursion trips. Hunting enthusiast does everything to go for such adrenaline rush. Hunting is not only a fun loving and adventurous activity [...]

Find Accommodation For Your Survival

While you are out on camping or hiking there are many essentials you need to take long so that you can survive for days. Along with survival equipment like food, fire starter, water and medical kit, shelter is also an important thing that will protect you against all odds. You can betray the extreme climatic [...]

For Your Survival Bookshelf: Feasting Free on Wild Edibles by Bradford Angier

Knowledge is an important survival tool, which means that books with good, solid information inside of them can be some of your most important preps. Feasting Free on Wild Edibles by Bradford Angier is one such book. Not only do you get comprehensive information on most every wild plant that you can think of but [...]

Water: Integral Part of Survival

During an emergency, clean and purified water can be a boon for you. Water is very much essential and required in huge quantity for most of our routine activities. You store water even when you are at home all day long, so when you plan to move out for some days then you can make [...]

Survived Horrendous Blizzard In Oklahoma

It was on 24th of December 2009 that the city of Oklahoma saw the worst ever blizzard strike. Never having witnessed anything above 4 inches of snow this blizzard brought about a record 14 inches. A resident of Oklahoma for the last 41 years, what was happening here was unbelievable. Along with my family, I [...]

Stuck In Cold Water

On the April of 1912 Titanic, Largest ship afloat left for its maiden journey across Atlantic to its destination US. Titanic was considered unsinkable due to it’s construction and so it carried life boats which could carry only half of its passenger population. Few days later Titanic hit the iceberg and within few hours the [...]

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