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Heirloom Seeds: Ultimate Survival Supply

Heirloom seeds should be one of your early stops for survival supplies, even if you can’t create a garden. If you can grow at least a window garden or box garden then heirloom seeds become that much more important. Here are some reasons why you should be investing in heirloom seeds. Renewable Resource Most greenhouse [...]

Responding To An Emergency

The only thing that remains constant in our life is the past. What the future beholds for us is an unseen territory that we all are unaware of. We might be hit with a contingency at moment of our life, the only thing that will help us to keep going is to be prepared to [...]

Canvas Tents: Useful For Survival

Camping is way of getting close to mother nature and see part of the countryside. When you are camping for more than one day carrying the right kind of shelter should be your priority list. It’s the tent that will save you from the night insects the surrounding environment like rain, extreme cold or wind. [...]

Six Days Waiting For Help After Hurricane Katrina

It was after six days that we were airlifted from the balcony of our home where we took refuge against hurricane Katrina. As we were not sure about how high the water level would rise, we accommodated our neighbors in our apartment. This experience taught us what work and what would wouldn’t under such extreme [...]

Build Your Own Survival Kit

When you hear of survival kit what comes to your mind? A bag, a purse or may be a container, but actually it is not just a container….it comprises tools that will help you survive through emergency situations. Such situations may knock you door any day of the week, at office or home, while partying [...]

How To Be A Master Of Disaster

Are you equipped to survive in the emergency situation? Well, “survival of the fittest” theory is something people might experience perhaps in coming years. With different environmental signals and constantly shattering world economy make it essential for all of us to be prepared for the disaster. Yes, survival equipment will help you master a disaster. [...]

Setting Up A Panic Room On A Budget

Crime is one of the biggest hazards during many survival scenarios. You can make your family a bit safer from crime by having a well-equipped panic room inside of your house. A panic room or safe room is simply a reinforced room that holds a phone, your firearms, and other helpful items. It does not [...]

Importance Of Office Survival Kit And Car Survival Kit

Emergencies can strike anytime and one needs to be prepared with the necessary equipments to save one’s own existence. One such place is office. You would never know where the disaster would strike and such tragedies can take away your life. Office survival kits are an important tool to be safe during any accident happening [...]

Being Prepared: Only Way To Survive A Disaster

I was on a visit to Guatemala on behalf of my church. My mission was to distribute necessities, feed and teach the poverty stricken people about the importance of personal hygiene. My trip was for two weeks and I had no idea what would confront me in this country. Guatemala is home to an active [...]

Survival Equipment: What You Must Know

Do you live in an area prone to earthquakes or hurricanes? Do you like to climb or hike? Are you prepared for emergency? Well, accidents, emergencies, disasters may knock your any time and you should be prepared for it. You should have a survival plan for almost every probable emergency situation. We all are aware [...]

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