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Devastated By A Tornado

Roland’s home and sent him flying about a hundred yards. He is a tree trimmer from St. Mary, Missouri. It was around 9 at night when his son called him to show him the funny looking sky. Busy with something, Roland never did get a chance to look outside. He suddenly heard the wind howling [...]

Survival Story: I Can’t Believe I Am Alive

Survival equipments are very necessary in today’s time! This is because the ratio of natural disasters has increased compared to the past. Not only natural disasters but the world is also facing man-made catastrophes as well as civil unrest. Hence, looking to the current scenario it has become mandatory to have survival equipments with you [...]

Redundancy In Outdoor Survival

Camping and trekking is the way of getting close to mother nature and getting a feel of what she has to offer us. Normally these activities are to lighten our minds from the stress we receive in day to day life. But lack of preparation in choosing the correct and important items in correct number [...]

Gain Some Knowledge On Survival

Survival training educates you on how to survive in times of difficulty and face the challenges fearlessly. You can’t keep yourselves prepared for disasters all the time and so you must learn the skills by which you can survive through the odds. Knowledge about survival can teach you the difference between life and death. Survival [...]

How To Survive When Not At Home?

Disaster and emergency situation may creep up at any point of time. There might be situation when you are not home and something goes astray. Of course most of us like to live in areas that are thickly populated and whenever we need something, it’s a walking distance. It is only during emergency that we [...]

Solar Storm Can Be Back Anytime

Solar storms are said to strike after a definite period of time. They are herculean and can destroy the entire mankind from this earth. It is projected by the scientists that a solar storm is likely to strike in the late 2012 or early 2013. Many organizations and governments are indulged into making their best [...]

Jot Down The Survival Requirements

When you are caught in a survival situation, a survival kit or a bug out bag as it is commonly known provides you with all the necessary items that will ensure that you go a long way. However, before you make your own survival kit, it is important that you have a checklist. This will [...]

When Rain Gets Wild

Mother nature has blessed us with lot of beautiful gifts. But when Nature get wilds it will be naive to underestimate her power. From time to time we have seen her atrocities and so it will be wise to accept her power instead of fighting against it. A little drizzle after a long hot day [...]

Acting Well Through Crisis

All of a sudden, power went out at the Little Sioux Scount Ranch on 11th June 2008. This ranch in Western Iowa was led by Fred Ulrich, the Scout Leader who working at the Medical Center of University of Nebraska as the IT manager. Power outage happened seconds after the tornado siren went of. He [...]

Setting Up A Panic Room On A Budget

Crime is one of the biggest hazards during many survival scenarios. You can make your family a bit safer from crime by having a well-equipped panic room inside of your house. A panic room or safe room is simply a reinforced room that holds a phone, your firearms, and other helpful items. It does not [...]

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