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Is Bugging Out Your Best Plan

Every survivalist has heard of the dangers of cities. If you live in an urban environment you might have assumed that “bugging out” would be your only hope in the event of a major crisis. There are certainly times when “bugging out” is your only option. For example, if the city itself is in danger [...]

Most Important Survival Equipments

Trekking and going on wilderness adventures is an art which lot of people takes it as hobby and even as a career. The young and energetic person will always love to move around the bushes and meadows, climbing the mountains and trailing down valleys and kayaking and crossing the rivers. Trekking doesn’t demand wealth and [...]

Survival Water For Renters

Water is of course the very basis of survival: if you can’t get water all of your other efforts are going to be for nothing. You can survive for a week or more without food, but dehydration can kill you in three days. A lot of survival advice focuses on homeowners or those with deep [...]

When Rain Gets Wild

Mother nature has blessed us with lot of beautiful gifts. But when Nature get wilds it will be naive to underestimate her power. From time to time we have seen her atrocities and so it will be wise to accept her power instead of fighting against it. A little drizzle after a long hot day [...]

Things To Carry In Survival Backpack

A hiking backpack can make your trip hassle-free and more enjoyable because it carries all your essential hiking tools. It is vital that you find the right kind of bag that is spacious enough to stuff in the materials required for outdoor activities. This bag won’t just be used for hiking purposes; you may carry [...]

Hiking and Backpacking Risk Management

The current scenario is such that the awareness campaigns have taken the toll all over the world. Media is the greatest supporter here, who is very active in spreading this awareness about various things. One such awareness that the countless television programs as well as other guides have been doing is to explain to the [...]

The Linda Runyon Wild Food Identification Card Deck

If you can’t grow, breed, or hunt for enough food you do have one additional option: foraging. Foraging can be incredibly dangerous, however, if you don’t have the know-how to identify which plants are safe to eat and which are not. Some plants are easy: everyone knows what a dandelion looks like. As long as [...]

Half Knowledge Can Endanger Your Survival

An apt proverb “knowledge is power” is so true and in every aspect. It shows us the way to life by which we come to know that it is not so difficult to escape disasters as we think.People spend hours reading books devoted to survival as well as surf over internet to gain as much [...]

Survival Products You Need To Survive

Looking at the current scenario of the world that is facing continuous calamities, people have come up with various survival products that can be a good aid to their safety. These survival products come in various formats as per the needs and requirements by the customers. Natural calamities can strike at any point of time; [...]

Two Lost French Trekkers Survive On Insect Diet

Seven weeks lost in the Amazon jungle, two French trekkers emerged in an emaciated stage. Their body was full of insect bites and their horrifying story reveals how they had to survive by eating turtles, centipedes, frogs and bird-eating spiders. Guilhem Nayral and Looic Pillois, both of them 34 years of age stunned rescue officials [...]

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