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How To Be A Master Of Disaster

Are you equipped to survive in the emergency situation? Well, “survival of the fittest” theory is something people might experience perhaps in coming years. With different environmental signals and constantly shattering world economy make it essential for all of us to be prepared for the disaster. Yes, survival equipment will help you master a disaster. [...]

Importance Of Binoculars And Spotting Scopes

Are you a fun filled person and a regular hiker? If yes, then maybe you might be having the habit of arranging a small emergency kit either at home or in the car. The regular hiker knows the importance as well as the potential benefits of having binoculars and spotting scopes that are needed in [...]

How I Survived The Worst Snowstorm Ever In Massachusetts

Massachusetts can never forget the worst ice storm it has ever experienced in 2008 December. Central Massachusetts area was completely crippled along with many towns in the Southern part of New Hampshire. This was when over a million people in the area were left without power for three weeks struggling to survive in below freezing [...]

Build Your Own Survival Kit

When you hear of survival kit what comes to your mind? A bag, a purse or may be a container, but actually it is not just a container….it comprises tools that will help you survive through emergency situations. Such situations may knock you door any day of the week, at office or home, while partying [...]

The Linda Runyon Wild Food Identification Card Deck

If you can’t grow, breed, or hunt for enough food you do have one additional option: foraging. Foraging can be incredibly dangerous, however, if you don’t have the know-how to identify which plants are safe to eat and which are not. Some plants are easy: everyone knows what a dandelion looks like. As long as [...]

5 Important Tips To Survive In Wilderness

People always look forward to the holiday and vacation which takes them to the most exotic and adventurous which makes their experience thrilling and nerves rising. But did you ever wondered that suppose you are onto such thrilling adventure trips leaving behind your family and if you are injured or wounded so badly that it [...]

An Adventurous Survival

With a hectic schedule and buzzing life all throughout the year, people need some time off so that they can energize themselves and have peace of mind. Only a vacation with your dear ones can make you feel good and you can spend a quality time with them for days. Camping would be just the [...]

We Survived A Deadly Hurricane

Hurricane Ike struck in 2008 causing great havoc. My wife and I were then in Bolivar Peninsula. Under any emergency, we help everyone else around before getting on ourselves as we had a wrecker service. This time around, we were stranded as the storm surged in earlier than expected washing away the only bridge to [...]

Survival Story: I Can’t Believe I Am Alive

Survival equipments are very necessary in today’s time! This is because the ratio of natural disasters has increased compared to the past. Not only natural disasters but the world is also facing man-made catastrophes as well as civil unrest. Hence, looking to the current scenario it has become mandatory to have survival equipments with you [...]

Dangers Of Snow Shoveling

Activities like snow shoveling are very popular during the winters in snow lands. Participant’s safety should not be overlooked. Though it is more of a winter activity but snow shoveling can either be taken as a sport or as an essential activity. It becomes an important activity when weather or a festival needs require it [...]

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