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Equip Yourself With Survival Skills

A headline in the newspaper about a disaster that took place somewhere in the world is becoming very common these days. Every day we come across some or the other natural or man-made disaster occurring in some part of the planet. And if that happens in a region which is populated, it makes the survival [...]

Is Bugging Out Your Best Plan

Every survivalist has heard of the dangers of cities. If you live in an urban environment you might have assumed that “bugging out” would be your only hope in the event of a major crisis. There are certainly times when “bugging out” is your only option. For example, if the city itself is in danger [...]

Winter Survival Preparations

Do you live in an area with temperate climate? If yes, then every autumn, you must be driving treacherous roads. Have you ever thought about survival plan in case of emergency? Well, emergency survival is hot topic nowadays and should be given attention year round. However in certain scenarios like winter months, it needs extra [...]

Survival Equipment: What You Must Know

Do you live in an area prone to earthquakes or hurricanes? Do you like to climb or hike? Are you prepared for emergency? Well, accidents, emergencies, disasters may knock your any time and you should be prepared for it. You should have a survival plan for almost every probable emergency situation. We all are aware [...]

Choosing A Place To Live For Survival

There is a lot of misleading information about where you should live during a TEOTWAWKI scenario. Most fiction and many survival websites extol the virtues of a fully stocked survival retreat, preferably one in a rural location far away from other people. Some suggest getting a few buddies together to form a paramilitary force to [...]

Hiking and Backpacking Risk Management

The current scenario is such that the awareness campaigns have taken the toll all over the world. Media is the greatest supporter here, who is very active in spreading this awareness about various things. One such awareness that the countless television programs as well as other guides have been doing is to explain to the [...]

Survival Water For Renters

Water is of course the very basis of survival: if you can’t get water all of your other efforts are going to be for nothing. You can survive for a week or more without food, but dehydration can kill you in three days. A lot of survival advice focuses on homeowners or those with deep [...]

Don’t Forget Survival Equipment While Hunting

Hunting is most sought after activity amongst people who are adventure lovers. Along with hunting it could be a relaxation in the lap of nature. People often search websites for hunting tours and excursion trips. Hunting enthusiast does everything to go for such adrenaline rush. Hunting is not only a fun loving and adventurous activity [...]

Responding To An Emergency

The only thing that remains constant in our life is the past. What the future beholds for us is an unseen territory that we all are unaware of. We might be hit with a contingency at moment of our life, the only thing that will help us to keep going is to be prepared to [...]

Find Accommodation For Your Survival

While you are out on camping or hiking there are many essentials you need to take long so that you can survive for days. Along with survival equipment like food, fire starter, water and medical kit, shelter is also an important thing that will protect you against all odds. You can betray the extreme climatic [...]

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