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Surviving Through Wilderness

People choose to go into the wild forests to enjoy the beauty of the nature and have an adventurous camping. But such an adventure can be risky if you are not prepared for wilderness survival. You never know when an emergency comes your way, so must keep yourselves prepared for any kind of emergency situation. [...]

Education With A Difference: How To Survive?

Survival – the greatest question of today! People have started involving themselves deeply into finding out various options and solutions that can make things easy at their end. Survival training refers to various types of survival that can be either out of flood, cyclones, or any such natural disasters. You will be glad to know [...]

What To Store For Survival?

There are many things that you require in order to survive. If you plan to go out camping for quite a long duration, you need something that will help you preserve your supplies, especially the food. Food items tend to get spoiled easily if not stored under proper conditions and that cripple you in the [...]

Emergency Shelter Tent

Shelter is one of your biggest priorities during an emergency situation. In some scenarios you’ll be able to continue sheltering in your very own home, in the home of a friend or family member, or in a hotel room. However, there are some scenarios where none of these options will be available to you. Tornados [...]

When Rain Gets Wild

Mother nature has blessed us with lot of beautiful gifts. But when Nature get wilds it will be naive to underestimate her power. From time to time we have seen her atrocities and so it will be wise to accept her power instead of fighting against it. A little drizzle after a long hot day [...]

Surviving In The Wild Jungle

Getting close to nature always brings relaxation. The beauty of the raw, the scenic landscapes takes our breath away. Seeing the wild, hearing their voices in their own habitat is itself mesmerizing. But what if while roaming through the same jungle you lose track of your location and find yourself in middle of nowhere? Humans [...]

Portable Laundry Machines

You need clean clothes, even in a survival situation. Your survival preps should include something to wash your clothes other than a hasty hand wash in a 5 gallon bucket. Cleaner clothes will help you ward off diseases. They’ll also improve your family’s morale. And in some scenarios you could potentially even trade laundry services [...]

Gain Some Knowledge On Survival

Survival training educates you on how to survive in times of difficulty and face the challenges fearlessly. You can’t keep yourselves prepared for disasters all the time and so you must learn the skills by which you can survive through the odds. Knowledge about survival can teach you the difference between life and death. Survival [...]

Camping: Fun or Danger?

Camping sounds fun and is enjoyable when planned with family, friends or dear ones. The overnight stay on the mountains inside the tent and a camp fire providing the needed warmth fills up your camping with excitement.But not everything that looks good is actually of that nature, there are certain risk elements attached to outdoor [...]

My Flood Survival Story

I am Mandy Stiegl, a summer student at the Colorado State University. I joined the undergraduate student research program along with a dozen other students from around the nation. My friends and I were enjoying great time fishing, mountain biking, hiking and backpacking all around Colorado. I live in Fort Collins, Colorado for the past [...]

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