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LED lights: Ray Of Light In Darkness

There are many survival equipments that will help you during day time and would make your journey easy through the woods. The sun is always there to guide you through the directions so that you don’t go astray. Such an equipment that can act as an equivalent to the sunlight in the darkness of night [...]

Trangia Spirit Alcohol Stove

The Trangia Spirit alcohol stove is a compact stove that will serve as an emergency stove during long term power outages or as a survival camping tool. It’s compact in that it doesn’t take up much space: no more than two quarters can fit across the top, side by side. However, the Trangia Spirit alcohol [...]

Tips To Help You Survive At The Worst Scenario

Looking at the current scenario of the world, any individual can presume the upcoming dangerous natural phenomenon and disasters. Tsunami, Earthquake and Volcanoes have become very common. Because of this, the people are finding a need to be prepared for the worst! Below mentioned are some tips that can save your life even when worst [...]

Survive Or Die

2012 – A year that was being talked about since last five years. People believe that the world is going to end in 2012. Hence, they have started preparing themselves for every solution that can help them to survive from this! They have started preparing for the worst and planning things for the best. Now [...]

Emergency Portable Generator

Generator has been found in our homes and offices since ages for the fact that it is considered to be an important tool for varied reasons. It ensures that your home and office doesn’t fall short of power and is also the fastest source of procuring power when needed. Losing power can cause inconvenience and [...]

Outdoor Survival Techniques

Are you one of those enthusiasts who love thrill and excitement outdoor? No matter whether you are interested in rafting, hiking, camping, hunting, boating, fishing, etc., you need to equip yourself with the right equipment. Not only the survival gear but survival techniques should be acquired before string your endeavor. Enjoying wilderness and outdoor activities [...]

Survival Kit: How To Choose The Right One

We live in the world of technology. Since centuries now, man is always trying to command on everything possible. However, there are certain things, where we find ourselves helpless. Natural disasters can knock our doors anytime. Even we are at risk of different man-made disasters. It’s a life full of uncertainty and disasters like tornadoes, [...]

73 Year Old Survived New Zealand Earthquake

It was the turn of New Zealand to face the wrath of nature’s fury in 2011. Christchurch was witness to a massive earthquake and its residents, after burying their loved ones, are yet to come out of their trauma. It is more difficult for those who escaped death by just a few centimetres. Peter Symms [...]

Things To Carry In Survival Backpack

A hiking backpack can make your trip hassle-free and more enjoyable because it carries all your essential hiking tools. It is vital that you find the right kind of bag that is spacious enough to stuff in the materials required for outdoor activities. This bag won’t just be used for hiking purposes; you may carry [...]

Most Important Survival Equipments

Trekking and going on wilderness adventures is an art which lot of people takes it as hobby and even as a career. The young and energetic person will always love to move around the bushes and meadows, climbing the mountains and trailing down valleys and kayaking and crossing the rivers. Trekking doesn’t demand wealth and [...]

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