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Two Lost French Trekkers Survive On Insect Diet

Seven weeks lost in the Amazon jungle, two French trekkers emerged in an emaciated stage. Their body was full of insect bites and their horrifying story reveals how they had to survive by eating turtles, centipedes, frogs and bird-eating spiders. Guilhem Nayral and Looic Pillois, both of them 34 years of age stunned rescue officials [...]

Firestarter: A Survival Equipment

A firestarter tool is a very handy tool and can prove to be a tool of survival, be it emergency or otherwise. It will help you cook your food in stray areas, obtain warmth is extreme climatic conditions, search for your way through dark and in areas where there is no light or even look [...]

Don’t Be Picky With Food When Survival Is On The Line

Food and water are the basic necessities for an individual to survive. A human being can live without everything except food and water. If he is not able to have any sort of intake of food for a couple of days, he will gradually be in a situation that will make things difficult for him [...]

Survival Water For Renters

Water is of course the very basis of survival: if you can’t get water all of your other efforts are going to be for nothing. You can survive for a week or more without food, but dehydration can kill you in three days. A lot of survival advice focuses on homeowners or those with deep [...]

Be Prepared For Earthquakes With Earthquake Kits

We do not know when earthquake will occur and we cannot prevent an earthquake. However, we can be prepared to meet the challenges of the calamity on our own for several hours. After a major disaster, utilities and stores could be closed. Preparing earthquake kits could make a difference between life and death for you [...]

What To Store For Survival?

There are many things that you require in order to survive. If you plan to go out camping for quite a long duration, you need something that will help you preserve your supplies, especially the food. Food items tend to get spoiled easily if not stored under proper conditions and that cripple you in the [...]

Setting Up A Panic Room On A Budget

Crime is one of the biggest hazards during many survival scenarios. You can make your family a bit safer from crime by having a well-equipped panic room inside of your house. A panic room or safe room is simply a reinforced room that holds a phone, your firearms, and other helpful items. It does not [...]

Jot Down The Survival Requirements

When you are caught in a survival situation, a survival kit or a bug out bag as it is commonly known provides you with all the necessary items that will ensure that you go a long way. However, before you make your own survival kit, it is important that you have a checklist. This will [...]

Find The Most Effective Earthquake Survival Strategies

An earthquake is one of Mother Nature’s most violent and random events. All the science and technology in the world has not been able to formulate a concrete method to predict earthquakes. In this situation, all we can do is to be well prepared and act wisely when tremors are felt. The following are a [...]

The Avalanche That Practically Killed Coombs

Avalanches come unexpected causing many deaths in the icy mountains. Sudden storms are one of the major causes of this natural disaster that leaves no chance for people in its path for survival. Colby Coombs was one of the very few people who have survived an encounter with avalanche. He practically rose out of the [...]

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