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Be Prepared For Earthquakes With Earthquake Kits

We do not know when earthquake will occur and we cannot prevent an earthquake. However, we can be prepared to meet the challenges of the calamity on our own for several hours. After a major disaster, utilities and stores could be closed. Preparing earthquake kits could make a difference between life and death for you [...]

We Survived A Deadly Hurricane

Hurricane Ike struck in 2008 causing great havoc. My wife and I were then in Bolivar Peninsula. Under any emergency, we help everyone else around before getting on ourselves as we had a wrecker service. This time around, we were stranded as the storm surged in earlier than expected washing away the only bridge to [...]

Basics Of Building Shelter For Survival

It is a challenging task to build up a shelter in the forest or a mountain that gives you comfort and at the same time protects you from unpredictable weather. Though, every season has got something different to offer there are still certain basic techniques that you can use will constructing your shelter outdoors. It [...]

Surviving When Disaster Strikes

Man has done incredible innovations in the world. He has done everything to make a life of an individual, a secured one. But besides all this innovations, still it is not in the hands of a man to control natural calamities. However, he has surely found out the measures that can prove to be an [...]

Emergency Portable Generator

Generator has been found in our homes and offices since ages for the fact that it is considered to be an important tool for varied reasons. It ensures that your home and office doesn’t fall short of power and is also the fastest source of procuring power when needed. Losing power can cause inconvenience and [...]

Water Purification

There is absolutely nothing more important than water. It is your basic survival need. Without water, everything else becomes a moot point. Given that water itself is likely to become the source of a worldwide crisis by 2025 it would be wise to start considering ways to get more of it right now. There are [...]

Medical First Aid Kit: Survival Equipment And Its Significance

For safety purpose, it is vital to have a safety kit with you which can give you primary aid in case of emergency situations. Especially, when you are working in a factory, where production processes are carried out, it should be made sure that the area is secluded with safety and survival equipments. One such [...]

Firestarter: A Survival Equipment

A firestarter tool is a very handy tool and can prove to be a tool of survival, be it emergency or otherwise. It will help you cook your food in stray areas, obtain warmth is extreme climatic conditions, search for your way through dark and in areas where there is no light or even look [...]

You Need A Survival Checklist

Survival preparedness can be an overwhelming task. A survival checklist can help you get your preps organized. The survival checklist below covers 9 areas of survival. They are organized in order of urgency. You should do the first item on each checklist first, and then move on to the second item on each checklist. This [...]

Need Of Emergency Supplies

Whenever we take our children to the park or a playground, we take extra measures that he/she doesn’t get hurt while playing similarly you are also always cautious for your girlfriend/wife. To ensure that our loved ones don’t get hurt we take careful measures but we overlook small yet necessary things. “We are ready to [...]

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