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Yoriko Miura’s Tsunami Survival

Yoriko Miura is a café and art gallery owner in Ishinomaki. At this gallery, she displays works of local artists along with her own. This sixty five year old Tsunami survivor lost her daughter during the catastrophe. She can barely hold back her tears whenever she thinks of the disaster that turned her world around. [...]

Communication During Emergency

During the times of crisis or natural disaster, communication gets badly hit. All the telephones and cell phones lines are down and it becomes very difficult to communicate with our friends and family to know what state they are in. Importance of communication during the times of emergency is huge. It is always advisable that [...]

Portable Laundry Machines

You need clean clothes, even in a survival situation. Your survival preps should include something to wash your clothes other than a hasty hand wash in a 5 gallon bucket. Cleaner clothes will help you ward off diseases. They’ll also improve your family’s morale. And in some scenarios you could potentially even trade laundry services [...]

Harrowing Hurricane Katrina Experience

To survive something so catastrophic like hurricane Katrina is reason enough for a little exaggeration, if any. Samantha Rumby’s description of the disaster and devastation left us thanking our stars that we were not part of the experience. Rumby says that she regretted not leaving before the storm. This is because this resident of New [...]

Jot Down The Survival Requirements

When you are caught in a survival situation, a survival kit or a bug out bag as it is commonly known provides you with all the necessary items that will ensure that you go a long way. However, before you make your own survival kit, it is important that you have a checklist. This will [...]

Caught By Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina devastated many lives and led to massive chaos. For me, I have to say that Katrina caught with flat feet. Though Andrea and I went through our hurricane emergency plan quite often, we hadn’t done so for a while before it struck. We were definitely disorganized and could not leave as early as [...]

Fire Safety Equipments

You never know when an emergency may strike you. They are always unpredictable. It is correctly said that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, it is always advisable to be prepared in case of an emergency. Fire safety has become a subject of utmost importance in today’s time. Be it a commercial building, residential complex, [...]

5 Important Tips To Survive In Wilderness

People always look forward to the holiday and vacation which takes them to the most exotic and adventurous which makes their experience thrilling and nerves rising. But did you ever wondered that suppose you are onto such thrilling adventure trips leaving behind your family and if you are injured or wounded so badly that it [...]

The Illuminator Self-Powered 4-in-1

Survival equipment which fulfills multiple functions is incredibly useful because it means you have to carry or store fewer things. The Illuminator Self-Powered 4-in-1 actually gives you three very important survival pieces while offering you a fourth incidental. FM Radio: This is not a shortwave radio which offers limited use in many situations. However, in [...]

100 Hour Plus Emergency Candle

The most common emergencies and survival scenarios, by far, are natural disasters. After an earthquake, blizzard, tornado, or hurricane the power often goes out. Sometimes the power can go off for weeks before services are restored. Sitting alone in the dark is demoralizing. It also makes it difficult to even navigate certain rooms of our [...]

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