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Things To Carry In Survival Backpack

A hiking backpack can make your trip hassle-free and more enjoyable because it carries all your essential hiking tools. It is vital that you find the right kind of bag that is spacious enough to stuff in the materials required for outdoor activities. This bag won’t just be used for hiking purposes; you may carry [...]

Helpful Earthquake Survival Tips For Travelers

Travelers should be prepared and equipped to handle several natural disasters when away from home. Earthquakes surely top this list. There are many highly active seismic zones in the world where an earthquake can strike at any moment. Those not living in seismically active areas may not know what steps to take when an earthquake [...]

Find Accommodation For Your Survival

While you are out on camping or hiking there are many essentials you need to take long so that you can survive for days. Along with survival equipment like food, fire starter, water and medical kit, shelter is also an important thing that will protect you against all odds. You can betray the extreme climatic [...]

Alternate Plans for Emergency Survival

Disasters arrive unannounced most of the times. And the worst thing that can happen during this hour is you getting caught unprepared for your and your family’s safety. As its said, prevention is better than cure, so before you actually need it, it is very important that you and your family has some sort of [...]

Canvas Tents: Useful For Survival

Camping is way of getting close to mother nature and see part of the countryside. When you are camping for more than one day carrying the right kind of shelter should be your priority list. It’s the tent that will save you from the night insects the surrounding environment like rain, extreme cold or wind. [...]

Gerber Knife: An Important Tool Of Survival

More and more people now a days are turning towards nature as an escapade from the hustle bustle of the city. Whether for trekking in the wild or just one day night camp in the wild outdoor gear sale has pick up pace in last few years. In the survival kit which they carry there [...]

Knife As A Survival Tool

If you are someone who loves adventure, then camping out with friends is something you will love to do. And when you are camping, it is advisable to carry a survival kit which comes in handy in emergency situations. One of the most important survival equipment, when it comes to situation like these is a [...]

Water: Integral Part of Survival

During an emergency, clean and purified water can be a boon for you. Water is very much essential and required in huge quantity for most of our routine activities. You store water even when you are at home all day long, so when you plan to move out for some days then you can make [...]

Camping: Fun or Danger?

Camping sounds fun and is enjoyable when planned with family, friends or dear ones. The overnight stay on the mountains inside the tent and a camp fire providing the needed warmth fills up your camping with excitement.But not everything that looks good is actually of that nature, there are certain risk elements attached to outdoor [...]

Dangers Of Snow Shoveling

Activities like snow shoveling are very popular during the winters in snow lands. Participant’s safety should not be overlooked. Though it is more of a winter activity but snow shoveling can either be taken as a sport or as an essential activity. It becomes an important activity when weather or a festival needs require it [...]

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