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Survived Horrendous Blizzard In Oklahoma

It was on 24th of December 2009 that the city of Oklahoma saw the worst ever blizzard strike. Never having witnessed anything above 4 inches of snow this blizzard brought about a record 14 inches. A resident of Oklahoma for the last 41 years, what was happening here was unbelievable. Along with my family, I [...]

Why Physical Fitness Should Be Part of Your Survival Plan

Survival preparedness often has a heavy focus on gear. Having supplies and provisions is certainly an important part of the process. However, you must not neglect the most important survival tool of all. The tool you were born with: your body. If all of your survival preparation consists of sitting in front of the TV, [...]

Backpack, Sleeping Bag and Tent: Prerequisites For Survival

When you think of going for camping or mountaineering to some adventurous place, there are so many things you need to list down that you will require to survive during the days of adventure. Survival tools like instant food, pocket water filters, first aid kit, fire starters, pocket knife, backpacks, tents and many other items [...]

Emergency Portable Generator

Generator has been found in our homes and offices since ages for the fact that it is considered to be an important tool for varied reasons. It ensures that your home and office doesn’t fall short of power and is also the fastest source of procuring power when needed. Losing power can cause inconvenience and [...]

Cooking Food In Survival Situation

During the times of natural disaster, food crisis factor is something that is bound to come up. For times like these, it is highly recommended that the food you consume is either cooked food or ready to eat. In order to get cooked food, one has to arrange for a heat source. For this there [...]

Surviving When Out Of Your Home

In past, people used to migrate from one place to another. This trend is being followed even today with the only difference that people travel from one place to another in search of various job prospects as well as business opportunities or possibly an adventure. During these outdoor trips, it is very essential to adjust [...]

Survival Products You Need To Survive

Looking at the current scenario of the world that is facing continuous calamities, people have come up with various survival products that can be a good aid to their safety. These survival products come in various formats as per the needs and requirements by the customers. Natural calamities can strike at any point of time; [...]

Medical First Aid Kit: Survival Equipment And Its Significance

For safety purpose, it is vital to have a safety kit with you which can give you primary aid in case of emergency situations. Especially, when you are working in a factory, where production processes are carried out, it should be made sure that the area is secluded with safety and survival equipments. One such [...]

Emergency Shelter Tent

Shelter is one of your biggest priorities during an emergency situation. In some scenarios you’ll be able to continue sheltering in your very own home, in the home of a friend or family member, or in a hotel room. However, there are some scenarios where none of these options will be available to you. Tornados [...]

Importance Of Having Right Tools And Equipment For Bushcraft

Bushcraft has many meanings under its belt. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, definition of bushcraft is “skill in matters pertaining to life in the bush”. Bushcraft for some people is like improvising a shelter, making a weapon or producing fire basis. While for others, bushcraft means carrying out a wild camping in some far [...]

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