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Fire Safety Equipments

You never know when an emergency may strike you. They are always unpredictable. It is correctly said that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, it is always advisable to be prepared in case of an emergency. Fire safety has become a subject of utmost importance in today’s time. Be it a commercial building, residential complex, [...]

Trangia Spirit Alcohol Stove

The Trangia Spirit alcohol stove is a compact stove that will serve as an emergency stove during long term power outages or as a survival camping tool. It’s compact in that it doesn’t take up much space: no more than two quarters can fit across the top, side by side. However, the Trangia Spirit alcohol [...]

How I Survived The Worst Snowstorm Ever In Massachusetts

Massachusetts can never forget the worst ice storm it has ever experienced in 2008 December. Central Massachusetts area was completely crippled along with many towns in the Southern part of New Hampshire. This was when over a million people in the area were left without power for three weeks struggling to survive in below freezing [...]

Stuck In Cold Water

On the April of 1912 Titanic, Largest ship afloat left for its maiden journey across Atlantic to its destination US. Titanic was considered unsinkable due to it’s construction and so it carried life boats which could carry only half of its passenger population. Few days later Titanic hit the iceberg and within few hours the [...]

The Linda Runyon Wild Food Identification Card Deck

If you can’t grow, breed, or hunt for enough food you do have one additional option: foraging. Foraging can be incredibly dangerous, however, if you don’t have the know-how to identify which plants are safe to eat and which are not. Some plants are easy: everyone knows what a dandelion looks like. As long as [...]

Surviving Through Wilderness

People choose to go into the wild forests to enjoy the beauty of the nature and have an adventurous camping. But such an adventure can be risky if you are not prepared for wilderness survival. You never know when an emergency comes your way, so must keep yourselves prepared for any kind of emergency situation. [...]

Earthquake Tips To Survive

Earthquakes usually occur without any sign. In the wake of recent earthquakes in Asian countries, it is crucial to learn certain earthquake tips. Smaller earthquakes may be foreshocks and may be followed by a larger one. Hence, you need to stay as safe as possible during and after an earthquake. Safety Tips Being prepared before [...]

Knife As A Survival Tool

If you are someone who loves adventure, then camping out with friends is something you will love to do. And when you are camping, it is advisable to carry a survival kit which comes in handy in emergency situations. One of the most important survival equipment, when it comes to situation like these is a [...]

Surviving When Out Of Your Home

In past, people used to migrate from one place to another. This trend is being followed even today with the only difference that people travel from one place to another in search of various job prospects as well as business opportunities or possibly an adventure. During these outdoor trips, it is very essential to adjust [...]

Heirloom Seeds: Ultimate Survival Supply

Heirloom seeds should be one of your early stops for survival supplies, even if you can’t create a garden. If you can grow at least a window garden or box garden then heirloom seeds become that much more important. Here are some reasons why you should be investing in heirloom seeds. Renewable Resource Most greenhouse [...]

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