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Add-Ons For Survival

An apt survival checklist can ensure that you survive for long in times of emergency. There are many professionals who need to keep a check on their checklist like astronauts, army men, doctors, etc. They do this because if they fail to have a look at their check list then they might get themselves into [...]

Painted Mountain Corn

Around the world diets tend to follow predictable patterns until Westernization takes over an area. There will be a staple grain, a few staple beans, vegetables, fruits, and the occasional bit of meat or fish from livestock, hunting, or fishing. Staple grains usually include wheat, rice, barley, or corn. Corn is the staple grain for [...]

LED lights: Ray Of Light In Darkness

There are many survival equipments that will help you during day time and would make your journey easy through the woods. The sun is always there to guide you through the directions so that you don’t go astray. Such an equipment that can act as an equivalent to the sunlight in the darkness of night [...]

Two Lost French Trekkers Survive On Insect Diet

Seven weeks lost in the Amazon jungle, two French trekkers emerged in an emaciated stage. Their body was full of insect bites and their horrifying story reveals how they had to survive by eating turtles, centipedes, frogs and bird-eating spiders. Guilhem Nayral and Looic Pillois, both of them 34 years of age stunned rescue officials [...]

How To Survive When Not At Home?

Disaster and emergency situation may creep up at any point of time. There might be situation when you are not home and something goes astray. Of course most of us like to live in areas that are thickly populated and whenever we need something, it’s a walking distance. It is only during emergency that we [...]

Dangers Of Snow Shoveling

Activities like snow shoveling are very popular during the winters in snow lands. Participant’s safety should not be overlooked. Though it is more of a winter activity but snow shoveling can either be taken as a sport or as an essential activity. It becomes an important activity when weather or a festival needs require it [...]

Acting Well Through Crisis

All of a sudden, power went out at the Little Sioux Scount Ranch on 11th June 2008. This ranch in Western Iowa was led by Fred Ulrich, the Scout Leader who working at the Medical Center of University of Nebraska as the IT manager. Power outage happened seconds after the tornado siren went of. He [...]

An Adventurous Survival

With a hectic schedule and buzzing life all throughout the year, people need some time off so that they can energize themselves and have peace of mind. Only a vacation with your dear ones can make you feel good and you can spend a quality time with them for days. Camping would be just the [...]

A Handy Guide For Your Survival

According to the Mayan calendar this world is going to end in 2012, the last date is December 21st, 2012. A lot of other people are also anticipating a traumatized end of this world that would change everything and the existence of human beings will be in books only. Whether or not these predictions are [...]

Surviving In The Wild Jungle

Getting close to nature always brings relaxation. The beauty of the raw, the scenic landscapes takes our breath away. Seeing the wild, hearing their voices in their own habitat is itself mesmerizing. But what if while roaming through the same jungle you lose track of your location and find yourself in middle of nowhere? Humans [...]

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