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Water Purification

There is absolutely nothing more important than water. It is your basic survival need. Without water, everything else becomes a moot point. Given that water itself is likely to become the source of a worldwide crisis by 2025 it would be wise to start considering ways to get more of it right now. There are [...]

Review Of Crisis Cooker By Solutions From Science

The Solutions from Science Crisis Cooker is shaped something like a volcano and acts something like an extremely portable barbeque pit. It is an inexpensive piece of survival gear that is more than worth stocking up on for several important reasons. Fire is Basic Power If you don’t have any power you can’t cook your [...]

Acting Well Through Crisis

All of a sudden, power went out at the Little Sioux Scount Ranch on 11th June 2008. This ranch in Western Iowa was led by Fred Ulrich, the Scout Leader who working at the Medical Center of University of Nebraska as the IT manager. Power outage happened seconds after the tornado siren went of. He [...]

Find Accommodation For Your Survival

While you are out on camping or hiking there are many essentials you need to take long so that you can survive for days. Along with survival equipment like food, fire starter, water and medical kit, shelter is also an important thing that will protect you against all odds. You can betray the extreme climatic [...]

Responding To An Emergency

The only thing that remains constant in our life is the past. What the future beholds for us is an unseen territory that we all are unaware of. We might be hit with a contingency at moment of our life, the only thing that will help us to keep going is to be prepared to [...]

Survival Products You Need To Survive

Looking at the current scenario of the world that is facing continuous calamities, people have come up with various survival products that can be a good aid to their safety. These survival products come in various formats as per the needs and requirements by the customers. Natural calamities can strike at any point of time; [...]

How I Survived The 9/11 Attack

My name is Cary Sheih and I had a close call on that fateful day when our country was attacked by terrorists. Today, I am certainly grateful to be alive. It was 8.48 am on Tuesday morning. Just like I do every morning, I went through my email after a brief business work related phone [...]

73 Year Old Survived New Zealand Earthquake

It was the turn of New Zealand to face the wrath of nature’s fury in 2011. Christchurch was witness to a massive earthquake and its residents, after burying their loved ones, are yet to come out of their trauma. It is more difficult for those who escaped death by just a few centimetres. Peter Symms [...]

Gain Some Knowledge On Survival

Survival training educates you on how to survive in times of difficulty and face the challenges fearlessly. You can’t keep yourselves prepared for disasters all the time and so you must learn the skills by which you can survive through the odds. Knowledge about survival can teach you the difference between life and death. Survival [...]

How I Survived The Worst Snowstorm Ever In Massachusetts

Massachusetts can never forget the worst ice storm it has ever experienced in 2008 December. Central Massachusetts area was completely crippled along with many towns in the Southern part of New Hampshire. This was when over a million people in the area were left without power for three weeks struggling to survive in below freezing [...]

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