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100 Hour Plus Emergency Candle

The most common emergencies and survival scenarios, by far, are natural disasters. After an earthquake, blizzard, tornado, or hurricane the power often goes out. Sometimes the power can go off for weeks before services are restored. Sitting alone in the dark is demoralizing. It also makes it difficult to even navigate certain rooms of our [...]

Backpack, Sleeping Bag and Tent: Prerequisites For Survival

When you think of going for camping or mountaineering to some adventurous place, there are so many things you need to list down that you will require to survive during the days of adventure. Survival tools like instant food, pocket water filters, first aid kit, fire starters, pocket knife, backpacks, tents and many other items [...]

Surviving When Out Of Your Home

In past, people used to migrate from one place to another. This trend is being followed even today with the only difference that people travel from one place to another in search of various job prospects as well as business opportunities or possibly an adventure. During these outdoor trips, it is very essential to adjust [...]

Tips To Assemble Medical Emergency Kit

Maybe you have encountered an emergency and you don’t really remember where you kept Band-Aids and necessary medications. Maybe you are on a trip and one of the members gets injured; however, all medications in your kit are outdated and your trip simply gets ruined. Is this you? Never let it be you! From a [...]

Fight With The Wildfire

Frank Vaplon lived in Poway, Calif. Early at 9.00 AM, the atmosphere was dark and chaparral embers were driven by the winds that reached speeds of 75 mph. his home shook like a bunch of bones. To add worry to the woes, a woodpile caught fire due to the lodging of an ember. The wildfire [...]

Responding To An Emergency

The only thing that remains constant in our life is the past. What the future beholds for us is an unseen territory that we all are unaware of. We might be hit with a contingency at moment of our life, the only thing that will help us to keep going is to be prepared to [...]

Winter Survival Preparations

Do you live in an area with temperate climate? If yes, then every autumn, you must be driving treacherous roads. Have you ever thought about survival plan in case of emergency? Well, emergency survival is hot topic nowadays and should be given attention year round. However in certain scenarios like winter months, it needs extra [...]

Camping: Fun or Danger?

Camping sounds fun and is enjoyable when planned with family, friends or dear ones. The overnight stay on the mountains inside the tent and a camp fire providing the needed warmth fills up your camping with excitement.But not everything that looks good is actually of that nature, there are certain risk elements attached to outdoor [...]

Perfect Survival Gear

Outdoor camping and trekking is something which excites many of us. Lot of people like to spend there time in wilderness so that they can experience the way of nature. And if you have love for such outdoor fun, you would surely know that it can take unexpected turn anytime. You may be someone who [...]

Learn All That Helps You Survive

Though survival skills need to be learnt, unknowingly you still manage to practice a lot of them in your daily chores and prepare yourself for future. For instance, buying food grains in bulk in order to store it for months, keeping a medical kit at home, office as well as in your vehicle, having an [...]

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