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Choosing The Right Survival Kit

The world has always been talking about safety measures that need to be taken by people at large. But we never knew that what exactly we need to do! Survival equipments comprise of large number of products. Hence it is up to you to decide the things that you may require in emergency cases. If [...]

Backpack, Sleeping Bag and Tent: Prerequisites For Survival

When you think of going for camping or mountaineering to some adventurous place, there are so many things you need to list down that you will require to survive during the days of adventure. Survival tools like instant food, pocket water filters, first aid kit, fire starters, pocket knife, backpacks, tents and many other items [...]

For Your Survival Bookshelf: Feasting Free on Wild Edibles by Bradford Angier

Knowledge is an important survival tool, which means that books with good, solid information inside of them can be some of your most important preps. Feasting Free on Wild Edibles by Bradford Angier is one such book. Not only do you get comprehensive information on most every wild plant that you can think of but [...]

LED lights: Ray Of Light In Darkness

There are many survival equipments that will help you during day time and would make your journey easy through the woods. The sun is always there to guide you through the directions so that you don’t go astray. Such an equipment that can act as an equivalent to the sunlight in the darkness of night [...]

Gain Some Knowledge On Survival

Survival training educates you on how to survive in times of difficulty and face the challenges fearlessly. You can’t keep yourselves prepared for disasters all the time and so you must learn the skills by which you can survive through the odds. Knowledge about survival can teach you the difference between life and death. Survival [...]

Outdoor Survival Techniques

Are you one of those enthusiasts who love thrill and excitement outdoor? No matter whether you are interested in rafting, hiking, camping, hunting, boating, fishing, etc., you need to equip yourself with the right equipment. Not only the survival gear but survival techniques should be acquired before string your endeavor. Enjoying wilderness and outdoor activities [...]

A Handy Guide For Your Survival

According to the Mayan calendar this world is going to end in 2012, the last date is December 21st, 2012. A lot of other people are also anticipating a traumatized end of this world that would change everything and the existence of human beings will be in books only. Whether or not these predictions are [...]

Stuck In Cold Water

On the April of 1912 Titanic, Largest ship afloat left for its maiden journey across Atlantic to its destination US. Titanic was considered unsinkable due to it’s construction and so it carried life boats which could carry only half of its passenger population. Few days later Titanic hit the iceberg and within few hours the [...]

Earthquake Survival Safety Tips

Our nature has forces attached to it and some of the natural forces are too violent for a human being to handle it. Earthquake is one such violent force and it is capable of unleashing a tremendous amount of energy. To be prepared for an earthquake is very important especially for those who are residing [...]

Things To Carry In Survival Backpack

A hiking backpack can make your trip hassle-free and more enjoyable because it carries all your essential hiking tools. It is vital that you find the right kind of bag that is spacious enough to stuff in the materials required for outdoor activities. This bag won’t just be used for hiking purposes; you may carry [...]

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