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Half Knowledge Can Endanger Your Survival

An apt proverb “knowledge is power” is so true and in every aspect. It shows us the way to life by which we come to know that it is not so difficult to escape disasters as we think.People spend hours reading books devoted to survival as well as surf over internet to gain as much [...]

Communication During Emergency

During the times of crisis or natural disaster, communication gets badly hit. All the telephones and cell phones lines are down and it becomes very difficult to communicate with our friends and family to know what state they are in. Importance of communication during the times of emergency is huge. It is always advisable that [...]

Survival Water For Renters

Water is of course the very basis of survival: if you can’t get water all of your other efforts are going to be for nothing. You can survive for a week or more without food, but dehydration can kill you in three days. A lot of survival advice focuses on homeowners or those with deep [...]

UCO Stormproof Matches

Heating, cooking, purifying: fire is an essential survival tool in just about any situation, from camping survival scenarios to natural disasters of every kind. It’s especially important to have a reliable way to go about starting a fire. Conventional matches are one step in the right direction, but even more reliable and useful matches are [...]

Backpack, Sleeping Bag and Tent: Prerequisites For Survival

When you think of going for camping or mountaineering to some adventurous place, there are so many things you need to list down that you will require to survive during the days of adventure. Survival tools like instant food, pocket water filters, first aid kit, fire starters, pocket knife, backpacks, tents and many other items [...]

Surviving When Out Of Your Home

In past, people used to migrate from one place to another. This trend is being followed even today with the only difference that people travel from one place to another in search of various job prospects as well as business opportunities or possibly an adventure. During these outdoor trips, it is very essential to adjust [...]

Review Of Crisis Cooker By Solutions From Science

The Solutions from Science Crisis Cooker is shaped something like a volcano and acts something like an extremely portable barbeque pit. It is an inexpensive piece of survival gear that is more than worth stocking up on for several important reasons. Fire is Basic Power If you don’t have any power you can’t cook your [...]

Two Lost French Trekkers Survive On Insect Diet

Seven weeks lost in the Amazon jungle, two French trekkers emerged in an emaciated stage. Their body was full of insect bites and their horrifying story reveals how they had to survive by eating turtles, centipedes, frogs and bird-eating spiders. Guilhem Nayral and Looic Pillois, both of them 34 years of age stunned rescue officials [...]

Winter Survival Preparations

Do you live in an area with temperate climate? If yes, then every autumn, you must be driving treacherous roads. Have you ever thought about survival plan in case of emergency? Well, emergency survival is hot topic nowadays and should be given attention year round. However in certain scenarios like winter months, it needs extra [...]

Painted Mountain Corn

Around the world diets tend to follow predictable patterns until Westernization takes over an area. There will be a staple grain, a few staple beans, vegetables, fruits, and the occasional bit of meat or fish from livestock, hunting, or fishing. Staple grains usually include wheat, rice, barley, or corn. Corn is the staple grain for [...]

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