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Emergency Portable Generator

Generator has been found in our homes and offices since ages for the fact that it is considered to be an important tool for varied reasons. It ensures that your home and office doesn’t fall short of power and is also the fastest source of procuring power when needed. Losing power can cause inconvenience and [...]

How to Save Heirloom Seeds

One of the reasons why you might buy heirloom seeds would be so that you can grow the plants associated with them year after year. In order to do this you must learn how to save the seed so that it will be available in the next growing season. This is easy to do once [...]

Fight With The Wildfire

Frank Vaplon lived in Poway, Calif. Early at 9.00 AM, the atmosphere was dark and chaparral embers were driven by the winds that reached speeds of 75 mph. his home shook like a bunch of bones. To add worry to the woes, a woodpile caught fire due to the lodging of an ember. The wildfire [...]

5 Important Tips To Survive In Wilderness

People always look forward to the holiday and vacation which takes them to the most exotic and adventurous which makes their experience thrilling and nerves rising. But did you ever wondered that suppose you are onto such thrilling adventure trips leaving behind your family and if you are injured or wounded so badly that it [...]

The Linda Runyon Wild Food Identification Card Deck

If you can’t grow, breed, or hunt for enough food you do have one additional option: foraging. Foraging can be incredibly dangerous, however, if you don’t have the know-how to identify which plants are safe to eat and which are not. Some plants are easy: everyone knows what a dandelion looks like. As long as [...]

Survival Mode: Clothing Guidelines

In today’s time, people are very much concerned about fashion. Their wardrobe will change with the changing fashion. But when we talk about survival clothing, the main purpose is safety of an individual. Here, fashion comes at last, as the prime importance is given to the safety and security of life. It may happen that [...]

Why Your Mindset is the Most Important Survival Weapon

Panic, anxiety, depression, and suicide are some of the biggest killers in the aftermath of any catastrophic event, be it a major natural disaster or a massive economic collapse. There’s certainly a lot of mental baggage for anyone to deal with during these situations: loss, fear, uncertainty about the future, exhaustion, and perhaps physical deprivation. [...]

Camping: Fun or Danger?

Camping sounds fun and is enjoyable when planned with family, friends or dear ones. The overnight stay on the mountains inside the tent and a camp fire providing the needed warmth fills up your camping with excitement.But not everything that looks good is actually of that nature, there are certain risk elements attached to outdoor [...]

Surviving When Disaster Strikes

Man has done incredible innovations in the world. He has done everything to make a life of an individual, a secured one. But besides all this innovations, still it is not in the hands of a man to control natural calamities. However, he has surely found out the measures that can prove to be an [...]

Stuck In Cold Water

On the April of 1912 Titanic, Largest ship afloat left for its maiden journey across Atlantic to its destination US. Titanic was considered unsinkable due to it’s construction and so it carried life boats which could carry only half of its passenger population. Few days later Titanic hit the iceberg and within few hours the [...]

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