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Learn All That Helps You Survive

Though survival skills need to be learnt, unknowingly you still manage to practice a lot of them in your daily chores and prepare yourself for future. For instance, buying food grains in bulk in order to store it for months, keeping a medical kit at home, office as well as in your vehicle, having an [...]

Rescued From Mouth Of Death

A beautiful stretch of sand north coast from Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland was the perfect place to show off for Mathew to his school friend Reece Sufferin who had come to stay with him on his family caravan. Taking his brother Aaron along with him, Mathew ventured into the cave he had previously found [...]

Good Survival Kit: How It Should Be?

Are you looking for right survival kit? Well, having a survival kit on hand definitely increase your survival rate. It can also mean the difference between feeling completely helpless and having confidence that you can tackle any emergency situation calmly. Survival kit: An absolute necessity We live in uncertain times, where we have seen ferocious [...]

Surviving In The Wild Jungle

Getting close to nature always brings relaxation. The beauty of the raw, the scenic landscapes takes our breath away. Seeing the wild, hearing their voices in their own habitat is itself mesmerizing. But what if while roaming through the same jungle you lose track of your location and find yourself in middle of nowhere? Humans [...]

Most Important Survival Equipments

Trekking and going on wilderness adventures is an art which lot of people takes it as hobby and even as a career. The young and energetic person will always love to move around the bushes and meadows, climbing the mountains and trailing down valleys and kayaking and crossing the rivers. Trekking doesn’t demand wealth and [...]

Build Your Own Survival Kit

When you hear of survival kit what comes to your mind? A bag, a purse or may be a container, but actually it is not just a container….it comprises tools that will help you survive through emergency situations. Such situations may knock you door any day of the week, at office or home, while partying [...]

Cooking Food In Survival Situation

During the times of natural disaster, food crisis factor is something that is bound to come up. For times like these, it is highly recommended that the food you consume is either cooked food or ready to eat. In order to get cooked food, one has to arrange for a heat source. For this there [...]

Freeze Dried Food and MREs: Best Purchase?

Survival food that is packaged as survival food is often extremely expensive, though it stores well and certainly guarantees that you and your family will be fed. On the other hand, there are no guarantees about the taste. Is there a better way? A stressful survival situation calls for comfort and foods you know your [...]

Fire Safety Equipments

You never know when an emergency may strike you. They are always unpredictable. It is correctly said that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, it is always advisable to be prepared in case of an emergency. Fire safety has become a subject of utmost importance in today’s time. Be it a commercial building, residential complex, [...]

Caught Off Guard By A Hurricane

If someone told us we were going to encounter a hurricane in Indiana, we would have simply laughed. Whoever knew that nothing was impossible. When hurricane Ike struck, rain along with a wall of wind slammed into our town. Wind speed was nothing less than ninety miles per hour. Sure we have experienced a series [...]

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