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Canvas Tents: Useful For Survival

Camping is way of getting close to mother nature and see part of the countryside. When you are camping for more than one day carrying the right kind of shelter should be your priority list.

It’s the tent that will save you from the night insects the surrounding environment like rain, extreme cold or wind. This is one of the required items that make your camping trip smooth and enjoyable.

There is lot of options available for tents. You can have them in different material like canvas, nylon and polyester and different sizes according to your need.

You will find lot of suppliers offering tents in wide range and if you don’t find what you are looking for you can get it customized. Canvas tents have many advantages over nylon and polyester and as we go ahead I will point it to them.

  • Canvas is made from cotton or linen. It differs from heavy cotton fabric in term of it is weave. Canvas tent has become a choice for regular outdoor dwellers and trekkers. Here are few qualities offered by canvas tents that set it apart from the other competitors.
  • Canvas tent can withstand almost all kind of climate. It can be used in heavy rain, snow and even in extremely hot climate. Canvas tents stands in the rig hour of the sun hence are durable and can easily last for 10-15 years.
  • Canvas tent are easy to repair as they have plain woven. In order to repair the canvas tent you simply out a patch from where it is tore or you can simply sew the patch.
  • Canvas tents are breathable as tiny holes are naturally woven hence it can breathe better and it means less condensation. The tents tend to remain cooler during day time and warmer at night time. Since cotton is thick material it stops the heat from escaping resulting in warmer tents at night.
  • Canvas tents are quitter compare to other material tent. The sound of the tent will not annoy you or keep you awake at night disturbing your precious sleep.
  • Setting up and packing a canvas tent is faster and less tedious compare to other material tents. Plus they can with stand strong winds and does not completely tear.
  • Aesthetically also canvas tents are visually admirable. As the material is resilient the attractiveness and design is not compromised.

You should know everything about the tent you are carrying. People may lure you with the list of qualities it posses but they may not mention the downside of it.


A canvas tent is heavier compare to other tents. It will be tedious task to carry a canvas tent around. If it gets wet its weight will only increase. They are weatherproof and are expensive compare to other tents.

At the end of a day what we need is a tent which is durable can last for years and most importantly don’t let us down when we are camping the woods and end our camping mid way.

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